‘Notes from the Margins’ is a blog about music that takes place in unexpected places, beyond the mainstream, away from traditional concert halls and clubs. Music is an artform that draws people together like no other, and can have powerful effects on people and communities.

I hope to use this site to inform people about my work, spark debate, and foster a sense of community amongst those working in this area. Occasionally, I’ll also post photographs, poems and reports about non-musical experiences that appeal to me. I hope you enjoy it, or find it useful, or both.

In October 2013, I become the Executive Director of Live Music Now, the national charity founded by Yehudi Menuhin and Ian Stoutzker CBE. It is a wonderful organisation, doing innovative work with music, training musicians of the highest calibre, and providing transformative experiences for older people in care, children in special schools and others.

During the previous years, I was Head of Development at Making Music. I have led projects to create new community choirs in areas of deprivation, supported young composers and soloists, and worked with television and radio to celebrate the diversity and quality of British music-making. I am a National Advisor for Arts Council Wales and a composer.

Please follow my Twitter feed, and do get in touch if you wish.

Evan Dawson


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